Class Member Individual Notice

Hilsoft Notifications has unmatched expertise with individual notice and direct oversight of the entire notice process. When mailing lists are available, we evaluate the following considerations:

  • Is the mailing list comprehensive?
  • How old is the mailing list?
  • Can it be updated with more current address data as needed?
  • Are additional mailing lists available to identify more class members?
We know how to reach class members – it’s what we do every day.

These considerations are factored into our analysis and recommendations as to whether individual notice must be supplemented with additional forms of notice in order to reach the class with the best notice practicable under the circumstances.

Address Updating

Our extensive yet inexpensive address updating protocols make it possible to:

  • Quantify reach among known class members with old addresses
  • Accurately report reach and frequency among unknown class members
  • Save clients time and money
  • Achieve a higher delivery rate of notices to class members
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