About Hilsoft Notifications

With more than 24 years of experience handling hundreds of cases, and notices appearing in 53 languages in almost every country, territory and dependency in the world, Hilsoft Notifications is one of the nation’s premier expert notice firms for the design and implementation of notice programs.

Clients benefit from our:

  • Court-recognized experts, qualified to opine and testify
  • Plain language, attention-getting notices
  • Demographic and media research analysis
  • Ground-breaking approaches to adequately reach class members or claimants
  • Mailed notice programs including extensive address-updating protocols
  • Efficient in-house negotiations and media placement
  • Proven methods to satisfy due process and withstand challenges
  • Procedures to ensure successful CAFA notice to state regulators

Hilsoft Notifications is a leader in the two areas that define notice adequacy:

Notice Content and Design - We develop notices that satisfy the plain language amendment to Rule 23, available at www.fjc.gov.

Method of Dissemination - Our extensive knowledge of reach calculation and audience de-duplication methodologies has allowed us to take a leadership role in establishing the reach standard that is utilized in notice programs today.

Hilsoft is a business unit of Epiq Class Action & Claims Solutions, Inc.

300 cases
209 countries noticed
53 languages
1 expert noticing firm - Hilsoft Notifications

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10300 SW Allen Blvd.
Beaverton, OR 97005

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