Class Member Research

Hilsoft Notifications can identify how to reach class members to provide the best notice practicable under the circumstances, no matter how complex the case. Our talented team of noticing professionals review and analyze class member data files to provide insight as to how individual notice can be achieved as part of the notice plan design process.

We specialize in identifying who potential class members are and what mix of media will best reach them, including individual notice.

Class demographics and behavioral characteristics play a key role in determining how to best communicate and disseminate information. Our experts perform the necessary research and analysis to fully understand the class. We study geographic, demographic and cultural characteristics as well product and media usage data.

Media Expertise

Our experts are qualified to analyze media audience data and the percentage of class members reached. We determine the most effective mix of media to best reach the greatest practicable number of class members as efficiently as possible. Our recommendations are supported with measurable data, leaving nothing to chance or speculation.


We have created hundreds of court-approved notices, tackling the challenges of communicating complex legal content to distinct psychographic groups, ranging from rural, low income homeowners to affluent foreign stock investors.

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