Public Relations Campaign Coordination

Hilsoft Notifications incorporates public relations components into notice plans where a party-neutral informational release will build additional reach to the potential class members and extend exposure beyond that which will be provided through paid media.

Beyond purchasing media, good public relations strategies can provide additional opportunities to notify class members.

Informational Releases

We write each informational release to include the main components of the case summary notice including the case website and toll-free number for potential class members to obtain additional information. Informational releases can reach more than 4,200 major print and broadcast outlets and 5,500 online press outlets throughout the United States.

Media Monitoring

We monitor the media following a release to identify news stories that may have resulted from a release. As a result, we are able to calculate the amount of earned media achieved by a given release.

Public Service Announcements

We have effectively used radio and television “public service announcements” (PSAs) to provide additional notice exposure as well. A television PSA has the potential to provide notice to more than 1,200 broadcast television stations throughout the United States and a radio PSA can be issued to more than 4,000 stations throughout the United States.

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