Frequently Asked Questions

    • Notice Plans
      • How do I prove that I satisfied due process?
      • How do you avoid objections to notice?
      • How do I protect from collateral attack?
      • What factors are included in the cost of a notice program?
    • Class Members
      • What if my class is complicated?
      • Do the demographics of my class impact notice?
    • Direct Mailed Notice
      • What if I don’t have a mailing list?
      • What if I have a partial mailing list?
      • What if my mailing list is outdated?
      • Are there ways to improve my individual notice campaign?
    • International and Multistate
      • What if I have a dual action in the United States and Canada?
      • How do I prove manageability with foreign class members?
      • Can notice be provided on a statewide basis?
    • Procedural Issues
      • My class has been certified and is moving toward trial, now what?
      • How do I satisfy the CAFA notice requirement?
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