Expert Opinions and Testimony

Hilsoft Notifications' experts are qualified to opine on the method of dissemination and forms of notice as well as provide depositions and live testimony. Our experience allows us to provide the Court with quantifiable measurements of delivery and performance of a notice program.

We are frequently called upon to study the effectiveness of class action notice programs, and to provide expert analyses on the adequacy of notice. Courts have agreed with our analysis and expert opinions even in cases with opposition to our expert opinions.

Our nationally recognized legal noticing experts are qualified to provide expert opinions on the adequacy of notice. Rely on the trusted expertise of Hilsoft Notifications to evaluate any element of a notice program.

Preliminary Approval

Prior to preliminary approval, we develop a comprehensive notice plan and prepare a supporting affidavit that presents to the Court the rationale behind our recommendations, the specific measurements of delivery and performance and the credentials of our experts.

Final Approval

Prior to final approval, we prepare an affidavit detailing our implementation of the notice program ordered by the Court. Any objections related to notice are fully rebutted and an opinion is rendered that notice fully satisfied due process and was the “best notice practicable under the circumstances."  Our experts have provided live testimony at fairness hearings regarding the overall adequacy of a notice plan.

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