Website Design & Internet Advertising

Today it is commonplace to have a website with an easy-to-remember domain name that allows class members to obtain documents including the Detailed Notice, Summary Publication Notice, Settlement Agreement and any other information that the parties may agree to provide or that the Court may require.

The website content (including the notices) can be translated into many languages to best reach potential class members, can provide class members with access to claim forms, and in some cases allow class members to file a claim online.

Hilsoft Notifications provides clients the best combination of advanced technology and resources to communicate information to potential class members.

Sponsored listings

To facilitate locating a case website, Hilsoft often acquires sponsored search listings on the most highly-visited Internet search engines like Google, Yahoo! and Bing. When search engine visitors search on common keyword combinations relevant to the specific case the sponsored search listing will display either at the top of the page prior to the search results or in the upper right hand column of the website.

Banner Advertising

Hilsoft uses banner ads placed on national online properties such as Yahoo!, MSN, AOL,, and Facebook to generate extended reach.  Clicking on the banner links readers to the case website for more information.

More than 174 million (76.4%) of U.S. adults having access to the internet at home using a computer, access to an information website is commonplace for class actions today.
– MediaMark Research & Intelligence, LLC, 2011 doublebase study
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