Our Services

Hilsoft Notification’s strategic approach to legal noticing combines the right mix of services no matter how complex the case. We provide the most effective method of notice dissemination to class members that withstands judicial scrutiny.

We evaluate each case and support our recommendations with demonstrable data from the communications industry’s leading research sources as well as proprietary research tools.

Hilsoft also has extensive experience with individual notice implementation, including address updating and search protocols. No other expert firm matches our experience with the direct oversight of the entire notice process.

Learn more about each of our legal noticing services:

  • CAFA Notice
  • Pre-Settlement Consultation
  • Expert Notice Plan Design
  • Class Member Research
  • Class Member Individual Notice
  • Plain Language Notice Drafting
  • Media Planning & Purchasing
  • Notice Plan Implementation
  • Television & Radio Advertising
  • Public Relations Campaign Coordination
  • Website Design & Internet Advertising
  • Translations & International Notice
  • Expert Opinions & Testimony
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